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NHSC Guidelines for Return of Spectators from 7th June 2021 

NHSC Guidelines for Return of Spectators from 7th June 2021 
June 05, 2021

NHSC Guidelines for Return of Spectators from 7th June 2021 
Purpose and Scope  
This guidance document, which has been reviewed by the National Health & Safety Committee on behalf of the GAA Covid-19 Advisory Group, is intended for all those associated with the organisation of GAA, Camogie and LGFA matches for the 2021 season. These guidelines which are not exhaustive, outline the key safety and operational elements that Ground Management/Event Organisers should currently consider when planning games in the context of Covid-19.  
The efforts of staff, volunteers, players, coaches, medics, backroom personnel, match officials, contractors, administrators, and spectators in 2020 in ensuring that the guidelines in this document were diligently followed was a key reason for the success of the season. The roll out of the vaccine programme and continued adherence to all relevant guidance and public health advice will be crucial in ensuring a safe and enjoyable year for everyone involved in our games.   
The guidelines may change over the course of the coming weeks and months as new health advice emerges or as changes in Government regulations are issued. This is a working document and should serve merely as a template for a more detailed site-specific Risk Assessment and Event Management Plan for each venue and event. Although variations in government advice may differ between the two jurisdictions on the island, it is intended that most of these recommendations can be applied to grounds in all counties.  
These guidelines should also be read in conjunction with the Central Competitions Control Committee Match Regulations document, GAA Ticketing Communications and with all relevant Camogie and LGFA guidance on Competitions, Inter County Teams and Ticketing. 
For specific guidance on the management of teams and backroom staff, please refer to the Covid-19 Return to Training and Play Guidelines for Inter-County Teams and the Guidelines on Safe Return to Gaelic Games as issued by the GAA Covid-19 Advisory Group in April, 2021. A list of other useful links is included at the end. 
Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the members of the NHSC in reviewing this guidance document. 
Shay Bannon Chairman,  National Health & Safety Committee/GAA Covid-19 Advisory Group Meitheamh, 2021 

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